YouTube launches a rival application to TikTok 

YouTube has begun experimenting with a TikTok competitor in India, expressing its intention to improve the format of the short videos and to spread them to more countries in the coming months. 

The “YouTube Shorts” application was launched at a time when TikTok reached a partnership agreement with “Oracle”, which it hopes to avoid being banned in the United States at the request of US President Donald Trump. 

On Monday, US Treasury Secretary Stephen Mnuchin confirmed an offer made by Oracle regarding TikTok operations in the United States, after ByteDance, the company that owns the application that shares these short videos, rejected a Microsoft offer. 

Chris Jaff, vice president of product management at YouTube, said that Shorts are “a new experience in the field of short videos for creatives and artists who want to shoot short clips of remarkable use with their cell phones only.” 

These recordings are limited to 15 seconds, according to the “YouTube” platform owned by “Google”, which is used by about two billion people around the world. 

TikTok, with its brief and striking videos, soon became very popular with cell phone users around the world. 

However, the US President’s statements that TikTok may be a tool in the hands of the Chinese authorities to track federal employees in the United States and to collect data for the purpose of extortion and spying on companies, sparked diplomatic tension between Washington and Beijing. 

Trump has signed executive orders to sell the Chinese company’s operations in the US by September 20, under pain of a ban on the app in the country. TikTok, for its part, rejects these charges, and has appealed to the judiciary to object to this measure. 


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