This is the Ways to profit from the Internet via YouTube :   

Do you want to profit from the Internet? Joining YouTube users might be a good choice. 

YouTube attracts over 1 billion unique users per month: that’s a huge audience. 

A lot of people are already making money: YouTube has 1 million creators on the YouTube Partner Program alone. 

With every 1,000 views, you will be able to get a rough return of $ 1 to $ 3. 

 but if you thought about creating 100 videos with 5,000 views each, that would really be $ 1000- $ 2000. 

+. Earn from ads. 

For many YouTube users, ads are the primary revenue stream. 

As a YouTube Partner, you can earn money in various ways. 

You make money with ads on your videos and channel memberships, as well as Super Chat features. 

There are some basic rules before becoming a certified YouTube Partner along with some basic requirements needed to get started. 

Aside from adhering to YouTube advertising rules, you should be able to accumulate at least 4000 hours of video viewing on your channel and 1000 subscribers over the past 12 months. 

There is no format for these 4,000 hours. 

+. Selling products to followers 

Never forget you have a brand that people follow and support. 

You would to know how many people would like to pay you for branded items to show you like a fan. 

This is a path that many YouTube users take and can generate high amounts of revenue depending on the subscriber base. 

So, what exactly should you sell? Here are some ideas: 




There are companies like Printful that will print your designs on products like this and ship them around the world. 

+. Affiliate Marketing 

 the better  

ways to get passive income through YouTube is by use  marketing affiliate. 

This is a business model that involves promoting another company’s products for a profit . 

don’t worry about shipping, tracking numbers, inventory, and all the other responsibilities. 

Once a customer has referred, you’ll get paid and not have to worry about anything else. 

Monetizing your YouTube channel made easy. 

If you visit many of the big YouTubers, you will notice that they include affiliate links in their video descriptions. 

Usually these are links to the hardware they use themselves from which they make very nice commissions. 

Ways to profit from the Internet for free 

+. Sell courses 

Everyone can teach something. Sure, the e-book is fine, but the course gives users more knowledge and experience. 

You need to think about what the participants want to learn, define and coordinate steps. 

You’re a YouTube user after all, so why not teach them how to grow a channel or maybe edit videos? 

Feel free to create courses around anything you’re passionate about that interferes with your content. 

If you want to teach your skill to many people, try Udemi. 

It is a free platform from which you can download courses to earn money. 

+. Be an Amazon influencer 

Amazon influencer program is more and more popular. This influencer software allows you to increase your YouTube presence and earn money via  recommendations of Amazon. 

After joining this program, you can review and recommend products and direct viewers to Amazon to buy via your links. 

When viewers click on your links and make a purchase from Amazon, you get a portion of the commission – usually 7.5-11%. 

this program is not open to everyone. The number of social media followers and other metrics dictate approval possibilities. 

Profit books from the internet 

Book of methods of profit from the Internet 

This book works on the most important ways and means of profit from the Internet these days. 

Where the book explains the most successful sites in this area and how to deal with them. 

The book also provides tips and ideas that will answer every beginner’s question about earning money from the Internet. 

E-commerce book 

A book that explains e-commerce well. This book aimed at people looking to create a website and sell products online. 

Internet course book for beginners 

An online course or tutorial is an educational guide, dedicated specifically to the field of computers and makes it possible to assist a novice user to independently train in the use of software, a programming language or interactive games. 

Profit sites from the Internet 

You read this article because you want to know how to make money online. 

Maybe you want to create a separate income stream to pay some bills?  

Whatever your reason, there are lots of different ways to make money online. 

Below you’ll find over 35 different ways to make money online that actually work. Some of them include building your own website, but you’ll also find ways that use audiences built into existing platforms. 

+. Etsy 

Are you skilled at something? If you are a designer custom jewelry or traditional products, Etsy is the place to sell your products. 

+. Amazon website 

You can profit from Amazon through Merch by Amazon, which is a program that allows certified content creators to submit T-shirt designs that are printed on demand. 

Simply upload your artwork, choose product type, color, and add product description. 

Amazon will create a product page on the Amazon website, and when customers buy your product, the company will deal with production, shipping, and customer service, all without upfront costs. 

+. Skillshare website 

A website where you can teach a class online and get paid for it.


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