Russia approves selling Corona treatment in pharmacies  

Russia has approved the use of the Coronavir drug produced by R-Pharm in the treatment of outpatients with mild to moderate cases of Covid-19 disease, with the possibility of providing the anti-viral drug in pharmacies around the country next week at the earliest. 

The approval to use Coronavir as a prescription treatment comes after another Russian drug, avivavir, was approved in May. 

The two drugs are based on favipiravir, a drug that was developed in Japan and is widely used there as the basis for antiviral treatments. 

On the other hand, the CEO of “Moderna” suggested that sufficient data were available from trials of the emerging “Corona” virus vaccine; To see the extent of his success with the experiments by next November, according to Reuters. 

The company’s CEO, Stephan Bansel, said that Moderna plans to obtain an emergency use license for high-risk groups, if the vaccine proves to be at least 70 percent effective. The candidate Moderna vaccine is nearing the finish line in its efforts to register 30,000 people at a late stage of trials. As of Wednesday evening, the company had registered 25,296 participants in recent vaccine trials, according to Al Khaleej newspaper. 

The company will likely announce its success early, if it is able to prove that people who got the vaccine showed better condition in the trials, compared to those who did not. And the vaccine must prove to be at least 50 percent more effective than the alternative treatment used in trials, to be considered for approval. 

Moderna had announced, at the end of August, that it had achieved positive results in the experiments of the vaccine that it is developing. The company found that the immune response, for people aged 56 years and over, was the same as response rates in younger age groups, which is an “encouraging” sign for this group most at risk of contracting the “Covid-19” disease caused by the virus, according to a newspaper description. The Wall Street Journal. 


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