Mozilla shuts down the Send services for sending files and for Notes  

 Mozilla intends to close two services that it launched a few years ago, either because they do not use enough users, or because of their misuse. The two services are Send to securely send files to others and Notes for recording notes. 

Mozilla launched Send in 2017 and it was just a new service in a market crowded with services that facilitate file sharing between users. It used to allow files up to 2.5 GB to be sent in a secure and encrypted manner to friends and others, instead of uploading them to a cloud storage service. 

A few months ago, Mozilla talked about misuse of the service by pirates and some users, as they became dependent on it to launch piracy attacks and send malware, which prompted the company to temporarily stop it, hoping to launch it later after improving it, but now it decided to stop it completely. 

The other service is Notes, which was the beginning of Mozilla’s way of syncing encrypted data, but later expanded to be available via an Android app. 

Support for the feedback service will stop starting from next November, and until that time you can export your notes if you use a browser extension that will be removed from the store after stopping it in November. 

In this way, Mozilla will now focus on the paid VPN service it provides as an additional source of income for it. 


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