How does your body react when you start walking barefoot for a longer period? 

published article in Science Direct explains the benefits of grounding, this trend encourages us to make contact with the earth or the natural surface through our feet so that our members absorb their magnetic energy and even if we don’t have a garden, this is a great way to get around the house. 

Who wouldn’t enjoy the feeling of liberation after taking off your shoes after a busy day?  

Walking freely without shoes get out stress and at the same time gives stimulation to some of our bodily systems, such as breathing, increasing blood oxygen and pulse. This simple procedure also brings us back to childhood, which translates into a positive feeling. 

2. Regenerates the skin: 

You should allow your feet to breathe normally and be free from the shackles of shoes, which prevents moisture from being stored and prevents unpleasant odors and fungi. 

great tip : If you walk on dirt or sand, it will act as an exfoliant that will help you will impurities more easily. 

3. Boosts energy: 

It is known that there are countless nerve endings in our feet and they are important in some types of alternative medicine. When you touch  soil directly with your foot, you activate these endings, which leads to an automatic increase in energy. 

4. Relieves pressure on joints: 

Since the beginning of time, humans have existed to live without shoes. When walking barefoot, your body mechanics adapts to them, creating a more natural alignment for your joints. This is the reason why some sports like Pilates or yoga are practiced with bare feet. 

5. It strengthens your defenses: 

“Put on your shoes, you will catch a cold.” You may have heard your mother say this at least once, but we have some good news. Walking with bare feet helps us fight the common cold better because the cold ground causes the body to compensate for additional production of heat, which strengthens the immune system. Indeed, contrast hot to cold methods are widely used to treat pain in chronic obstructive lung diseases including asthma and anxiety. 

6. Stimulates blood circulation: 

Finally, it stimulates blood circulation inside the arteries and veins of the feet and to improve blood circulation we recommend that you walk in cold water, damp grass, river or sea. It also helps reduce inflammation in your legs, if any. 

We’d love to share additional tips that you can apply, starting today, to make your feet look great: 

Walk barefoot for 1 hour a day (preferably on natural surfaces) and, if possible, on your toes and on your heels. 

Exercise without shoes to strengthen your muscles and ligaments. Some manufacturers even design shoes to mimic how our feet move when we walk barefoot, with the advantage of tacking us with some protection. 

Take care of foot hygiene as walking barefoot on the sidewalk or indoors for long periods can cause dryness and roughness, and dirt can build up. 


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