Facebook enables its virtual social network, Horizon, to more users.  

Last September, Facebook unveiled Facebook Horizon, a new social network based on virtual reality, during the Oculus Conference 6 virtual reality developer conference. 

And now, the giant of social media has announced the expansion of the availability of the social network to enter the public beta phase based on invitation only, and you can join the invitation list from here. 

Last year, Facebook said: “Facebook Horizon is intended for users of the Oculus Quest and Oculus Rift platforms, and it is scheduled to be launched in 2020. The company added at the time: “The culmination of what we have learned so far about spaces and communities. Virtualization (Horizon) is the first step towards an expanding world of communication and exploration, where anything becomes possible.” 

The virtual reality social network (Facebook Horizon) provides users with the ability to explore new places, play games, build communities, and even enter new experiences of their own. 

At the start of entering this virtual world, users will have to design a virtual character that suits them from a set of shape and body options, then use magic-like portals – called telepods to transport people from public spaces to new worlds full of adventure and exploration. 

Facebook explained that users would later be able to build worlds using World Builder, a set of easy-to-use creation tools, as it does not require any prior knowledge of programming. To protect users in this virtual world, Facebook will provide safety tools and guidelines for humans (Horizon Locals). 

Since the announcement of the network, the company has added new environments and games, as well as new tools to combat abuse on the platform, including the option to move away from the public virtual reality world to a “personal safe zone”, where the user can mute, block, and report people and content around him. 


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