5 electronic devices you should not buy if they are used  

Buying used electronic devices such as: smartphones, wearables, game consoles and other electronic products is a fast and easy way to save money instead of buying new ones. 

Where we find that buying an electronic device directly or through a dedicated website will save you hundreds of dollars, and you may get a used device that works well enough, but there are some used electronic devices that you should not buy no matter how cheap . 

Here are 5 electronic devices that you should not purchase if they are in use: 

1- Wireless and wired earphones: 

Wireless earbuds, such as: AirPods and Pixel Buds or Galaxy Buds, are designed in a way that keep them to penetrate deep into the user’s ear for a complete listening experience, and the previous user can clean and sterilize them before offering them for sale, but the idea of ​​putting someone else’s earbud in your ears is a matter. It has a lot of health risks. 

As the inner lining pads can contain some germs that are difficult to completely remove regardless of the degree of sterilization and cleanliness, due to the small size of these headphones in particular, and most of these headphones do not provide a way to replace the main part in them. 

2- Conventional Hard Drives: 

It is difficult to gauge the efficiency or safety of traditional hard drives, and although they can be examined with a dedicated application, only the reports that you will obtain tell you about the time in which they have been used, and the remaining useful life, and then may not work good for you due to exposure to some damage Internal that can only be detected with a period of continuous use. 

3- Fitness Trackers and Smart Watches: 

You can get a fitness tracker or used smartwatch cheaply, but the downside you might run into is that you have no idea how to use them previously. 

More specifically, you will never know the amount of consumption with regard to the battery, because with frequent discharges and charging it is possible to get a device whose battery does not last you an hour or two during the day at most, and it is also possible that there are scratches and other defects inside. 

4- Large electrical appliances: 

You probably won’t know why a person sold their old fridge or dishwasher, is this because of a technical problem, or is it because it worked way too much? Which leads to an increase in its energy consumption. Answers to questions like these cannot be obtained by simply checking the device in a few minutes, so if possible, buy a used device from a specialty store that offers some kind of short-term warranty. 

5- Baby monitors: 

Here it is related to security reasons in the first place, the idea of ​​using electronic devices to monitor children that have been used previously may bring with it many security concerns that may endanger your home, as such devices may contain spyware that may violate your privacy and the privacy of your child.   


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