4 ways to get Amazon Prime benefits for free  

Perhaps the annual subscription fee of $ 119 for the Amazon Prime service – which provides many benefits, such as: unlimited music streaming and free shipping – is an exorbitant amount for many people, but despite this, you can use several other methods to obtain benefits This service is completely free of charge. 

Here are 4 ways to get Amazon Prime benefits for free: 

1- Register for the free trial period: 

Amazon offers a free 30-day trial period for all new accounts, and registration must be with an email address not previously used for the service. 

And remember when using this method you must enter a credit card number when registering, and your account will be upgraded to a paid membership when the free trial period ends, so if you dont want this to happen, you can cancel the automatic renewal or activate a cancellation reminder. 

2- Using a student account: 

If you are a student, the free trial period will last for six months, but you must register with an e-mail belonging to your institution to benefit from the student membership, and you can ask your educational institution to create an e-mail on its site to be able to obtain the free membership. 

3- Monthly subscription as needed: 

If shipping benefits are all you’re looking for, activate your membership in the months you expect to order a lot of products, such as: holiday season, sales, holiday period, or Black Friday, then cancel them when you don’t need them, you may lose continued access to benefits. Services such as: Amazon Video and Amazon Music, but a subscription can save you some money if you don’t use the service often, as the monthly subscription is only $ 12.99. 

4- Link your account to get shared benefits: 

Amazon offers a household package that allows two adults, four teenagers, and four children to share the same account for one membership fee. 

This package allows adults to have separate login information of their own even though they share the same account, and all family members can access all features of the Amazon Prime account. 

This means that if your family,friend partner pays a subscription fee to Amazon Prime, you can use it at no additional cost, or you can simply buy the products for someone else’s benefit, as Amazon lets you add multiple credit cards and shipping addresses. 


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